Juglans nigra

Have you ever eaten a walnut? Then you have enjoyed the fruits of this tree. Walnut is coveted not only for its delicious nuts, but also for its extraordinary wood. Luxury car manufacturers covet walnut burl veneer for making exquisite dashboards for their cars while arms manufacturers use walnut as the premium choice for shotgun stocks because the wood is exceptionally stable and shock-resistant. Moreover, as a temperate-zone hardwood unlike many tropical hardwoods, it has avoided overharvesting and endangerment. Walnut is the choice of the quality conscious.

The lush grain pattern and its dark chocolate color give walnut wood a royal feel. Despite its hardness and heaviness, walnut wood is easy to work on – it does not twist when drying and won’t easily crack. The surface of walnut also takes a velvety smooth polish, bringing its deep chocolate glow to full luster. It is no surprise that carpenters all over the world covet this deep brown jewel of the temperate zone. In short, walnut makes wearing your wooden wristwatch and sunglasses a royal experience.

Origin: North America
Tree height: 30-40m
Diameter: 60-100cm
Dried weight: 610 kg/m3

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