Dalbergia melanoxylon

There is no other wood like ebony. Its history goes back through the ages and enchants with its luscious richness. Few other woods have remained as popular for millennia: from ancient Egyptian tombs to Indian kings’ drinking cups and the handles of Japanese samurai swords, ebony has been worshiped because of its beauty and mystery. Even the name is thousands of years old, stemming from the Ancient Egyptian word “hbny”. You will understand the mystical allure of ebony as soon as you take a piece into your hand: the wood is black as midnight and so heavy, it sinks in water. Ebony has a luxurious feel to it.

The fact that ebony has been highly prized for millennia has led to most of the tree species yielding ebony wood being endangered. That is why we are very selective about the origin of our ebony. We only use FSC-certified ebony, mainly from Mozambique and elsewhere in Africa. The species we use is predominantly grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon).

Origin: Africa, Mozambique
Tree height: 6-9m
Diameter: 60-100cm
Dried weight: 1270 kg/m3

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